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The difference between a lease and this is a rental at a lease the object only through hard work and effort can be used. However, only the use of the objects is left to a rental. The only point in rent and lease is equal, which in both cases is a stock deal. A stock contract is a contract which regulates the temporary use of real estate for a contractually agreed fee. A lease is agreed generally in commercial real estate.

There are many reasons for the valuation of a property...

Then is also the course of action. But only a transparent and traceable valuation method ensures a realistic valuation result. For determining market value is to be observed:

  • One of the biggest advantages of a lease is the longer notice period. She is granted according to the law for six months thus this serves the tenants as also the landlord as security gegenüberl since no spontaneous termination is possible.
  • Who leases a building, paid for the equipment in the lease object with. A joiner's workshop, which is advertised to lease is usually at least equipped with the basic tools and equipment. The tenants can start his business without large investments.
  • Bei der Pacht ist es eine Voraussetzung, dass es sich um ein aktives Unternehmen handelt, d.h. das Vorhandensein der Betriebsmittel und der Geschäftseinrichtung ist Pflicht. Geht es nur um die Räumlichkeiten, z.B. eine Lagerhalle, handelt es sich um eine Miete.

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We have set ourselves both parties, so to satisfy the lessor as also the new tenants, real estate in PETROVIC as a target. It is very important for us that all persons involved with the final lease agreement are happy and satisfied! Should you have any questions with regard to the lease or lease an object, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer your questions and help them professionally after the matching tenants in finding the appropriate object for you or find for Their object.


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