Why is now the best time to take out a loan?

The interest rates for loans were in Austria, yet never so cheap as it is today. Therefore should no longer maintained with borrowing a further reduction is no longer be expected. Who compares to the loan calculator, you can save even more. The banks offer very different conditions, and especially with construction loans only 0.5% can make very large sums of money difference.

Power handling borrowing

Anticipate additional costs

To calculate the load capacity is an important task, financially guaranteeing the borrowers borrowing. In addition to the monthly rates and the interest rates many more factors are at the calculation of the real estate financing into account.

How will the financial capabilities of reliably determined?

The more the Bill, all the more accurately can the resilience in real estate financing be established. Here not only the revenue and expenditure of the last should be used few months, but the result is the most reliable, if the annual average is calculated. Caution! Who receives child benefit, must take into account when planning, this is no long-term source of income. Also Christmas and holiday pay should not be recorded as fixed income into account. To take any chances, the calculated result as maximum credit value should be considered. It is advisable to take a value below as a guide.

What is taken into account when building or buying a home?

If you take on a loan for a home, must take into account the running costs in the repayment, such as the rental costs for the residence during the construction of House, etc. Other costs include:

  • Power,
  • Heating,
  • Insurance,
  • Food,
  • Phone, mobile and TV,
  • Auto,
  • Furniture etc..

In addition to the credit always a nest egg should be available to pay any unexpected and larger issues, such as such as repairs. Be sure to take into account is also the home insurance, which can vary depending on the provider in Austria and is an average €1,200. take off, since they are calculated on the basis of the remainder of the debt. So the burden falls from year to year, until an amount remains at the end, the up then remaining equal to or through a follow-up financing paid off is.

Who prefers a constant sum for the purpose of better planning and want to pay the entire debt with the credit, the annuity loan is advisable for the with constant rate until the end of the payment. Who prefers a constant sum for the purpose of better planning and want to pay the entire debt with the credit, the annuity loan is advisable for the with constant rate until the end of the payment.

Which costs must be taken into account when buying an apartment?

Owner of an apartment in a residency must be purchase clear, that not only the maintenance costs for the apartment, but also those for the entire House to come to. The new painting of the façade, the work of the caretaker, waste disposal, future renovation work and many other maintenance measures are divided measured as a percentage on the square footage under the owners. The annual administrative costs alone this year are apartments in the cutting at 263, €80 per party. In the calculation of the financing of a glance into the Austrian charges directive order should be thrown therefore advance. A maintenance reserve can immensely increase the power handling is recommended.

How is the load capacity at apartments for rent to calculate?

Real estate will gladly bought as an investment and then rented. The protection of tenants in Austria is very pronounced, what can become a disadvantage for the landlord. A tenant does not pay his rent, the landlord can not react and terminate the contract. Several Dunning procedures are necessary, only a single rent is paid after a few months, the lessee is considered willing and it can therefore not be terminated. Such a payment delay or judges need the carrying capacity or borrowing necessarily be taken. Also should tenants can be present proof of income or information at the Austrian credit protection Association get

How secure is the real estate financing?

The more accurate and careful financing is calculated, the capacity is higher. Basically no risk should be addressed and absolutely possible twists and turns in the life situation, such as the loss of job or family growth, should be considered. Never may be scheduled at the limit a financial reserve should be kept still up despite loan repayments.

The credit as a condition of the load

o that a borrower is considered to be resilient, he must have a good credit history. Most banks will therefore obtain a credit check in the KSV. You informed about loans already, the payment and any insolvencies. Who gets attesting to a bad credit rating, has still the chance of a credit in the form of a Sofortkredits or personal loan. But the borrower must then expect that interest rates because of the higher risk to the lender are higher than the usual average. For consumers, this means an even greater burden. This form of credit is rather unsuitable for large sums of money, such as for example the construction of a House for the borrower sees coming to a payment bottleneck, must be responsive. Even if it is only about one to two months, the Bank in a timely manner must be informed. Here, the Bank has a clear advantage over an online bank without a personal contact. By the State of affairs explains the Bank representatives in a direct conversation, is he more often on behalf of the Bank and granted a postponement or a temporary reduction in the rates. This is associated with expenses, it saves the borrower but overdue fines, which can be substantial depending on the loan amount.