You want to know the value of your property?

We advise you free of charge!

Only with sufficient experience and the right methodology, you can determine the correct value of a property. For the valuation of your property, we can offer you a free consultation.

There are many reasons for the valuation of a property...

Then is also the course of action. But only a transparent and traceable valuation method ensures a realistic valuation result. For determining market value is to be observed:

  • How is the State (size, age, facilities) of my property?
  • Where is the real estate and in which environment is it?
  • What is the current market situation?
  • What returns are possible in a rental?
  • What are the possibilities of change are legal?

We have the answers, talk to us! 

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Take advantage of this opportunity

PETROVIC real estate offers the possibility to take a non-binding and free consultation service.
What is a transparent and traceable valuation method? We can assist you subsequently also at the actual valuation of your property.


You want to sell a property sale thanks to our real estate professionals and our unique marketing tools, at the best possible price.


We assist you in renting your property, find the right tenants and take care of a professional processing.


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