Bidding process - the private bidding process

The bidding process is a proven and partnership-based method for fast market pricing – primarily for apartments and homes.

The bidding process is not an auction or an auction. At the end, there is no extra charge and also no obligation of the seller to accept the highest bid. Only when agreement on price and in return there is a notarized purchase contract.

Advantages for the seller: A sales in 8 weeks is realistic.

The bidding process offers a sale to realize high chances, in the short term at a fair market price.

The bidding process can always be used. It offers but especially if the market value of the property being sold is difficult to determine or under time pressure – such as divorces or Verlassenschaften – a sale is to realize. However, this procedure is avoided that valuable asset is given away.

The process is transparent and follows a clearly defined timetable and marketing. Over a period of about 3-4 real estate in various print and online media will be weeks as well as locally heavily advertised and all interested parties merged in a single appointment.

After that one follows up two-week offer period, in which interested parties can place bids and if necessary to clarify the financing. The best deal is presented to the seller after the bidding period and is free to the seller, to accept this oder off to lehnen.