Your career with Petrovic real estate

No matter whether you pursue a career as a real estate agent or independent contractor, a strong brand, make informed education and further training, close cooperation in a network, exchange of experience and numerous opportunities to support more than just helpful, but the key to success. All this and much more offers real estate Petrovic.

Real estate agents and partners are sought throughout Europe to expand the success of Austria in Europe and to establish. Am particularly I myself on colleagues from Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Real Estate Agent

You were interested in has always been for real estate, of the profession of real estate agent is made for you? Then you have found the right partner real estate with PETROVIC, which allows you access to your desired profession and supports you in all stages of highly professional.

Teaching Real Estate Buyer

The real estate industry is always growing. This is including real estate management, which deals with the values of real estate. Real estate merchants are management and advisory agency in the areas of working, or working in the commercial real estate sector. The teaching combined training for the Office with all basic aspects of property management and brokerage.

Teaching Office Buyer

Office clerks perform all Office and secretarial work in the management and organization of operated/companies and institutions. They are active in all sectors of the economy (industry, industry, trade, transport, banks, insurance, housing finance, public administration, agriculture and forestry). Office clerks are skilled in dealing with computer and Internet. Also, they know the economic importance of the company in which they are employed and they have basic business and legal knowledge.

Teaching Real Estate and Office Buyer

With this double teaching you have two teaching degrees and that at the end with a teaching term of only four years. During the training you will learn to all important as real estate businessman as well as office clerk to work. From the perfect computer training on all basic aspects of property management and – mediation, you learn everything you need in this double teaching.